DIY Project: 24 Tips and Inspirations For Used Goods As Your Unique Home Furnitures

Must you have often heard the word “DIY” is not it? Yup, the abbreviation of “Do It Yourself” is indeed becoming a trend among people, especially for those who like to be creative. DIY itself became the designation for the activities of making or arranging pieces into a unique set of objects.

DIY Project 24 Tips and Inspirations For Used Goods
DIY Project 24 Tips and Inspirations For Used Goods

On this occasion, I will give you some inspiration of unique home furnishings and materials made from secondhand items. So if you have a lot of used goods in your house, do not hurry to throw it away, Who knows you can make unique furniture as below.

Use unused equipment, look for items that have long accumulated in the warehouse. The following DIY projects will be the best idea for you. No need to linger, here are some inspirations for you who like to be creative with used goods at home.

1. Sofa from used tire

Many used car tires stacked in the shed as far as you want to throw them away? Do not rush to throw it away, because used car tires you can make as a creation to the sofa is unique and funny. To make it, you just need paint, medium-sized straps, round wood pieces as a central tool, nail a glue, and foam pads.

2. Flower vases from food cans

For those of you who often buy snacks whose containers are round and long vertical, you can make the container as a beautiful and unique flower vase that you can put on the dining table or living room. The materials needed to make it are also very easy to find, such as gravel and glue. To make it, apply glue around the used tin, then stick the gravel around it and be a unique and minimalist flower vase.

3. Wall clock from bicycle rims and pulleys

DIY wall clock becomes one of the DIY projects that are pretty much favored at this time. To be able to have a unique clock at home, you do not have to buy it expensive. You can take advantage of unused bicycle wheels. You simply paste the rounded paper that has been fitted with the numbers, then add the pointer and the drive machine on the back. Very easy and unique is not it?

4. Flower Pot from shoes

A lot of shoes that have been outdated and can not be used anymore? But do not hurry to throw it in the trash. You can turn them into beautiful flower pots. The trick is very easy, simply by filling the soil and plants into the shoe. But do not forget to drill holes in the bottom and side so that air and water circulation to the plant can run well.