24 Best Ideas To Build Hidden and Secret Rooms in Your Home

Ever have the desire to have a secret room at home? Every secret room must also have a driveway or a hidden door to get to the secret room. Usually, hidden doors lead to different secret rooms. Like the ancient royal design. With an underground room or other secret room. Who said the idea of a secret room design with a hidden door cannot be applied in modern day homes?

Tips To Build Hidden and Secret Rooms in Your Home
Tips To Build Hidden and Secret Rooms in Your Home

The average hidden door will automatically mingle with the house and not easily found for anyone but yourself. You can also create an adventure atmosphere with various secret spaces with hidden doors in your home.

Hidden doors with secret rooms can be conventionally divided into the rooms where they are. Most can be a living room, a library with a kitchen. Most secretive place behind a fake cabinet and wall.

You can easily turn your living room more attractive and functional by creating a hidden makeup room, emergency room and so on. This layout will not be hard to do if you already have some estimates about the secret zone. Here are some examples of secret room design with hidden doors.

1. Creating Hidden Rooms Behind the Staircase
2. Hidden Room Behind a stone wall
3. Hidden Room Behind the bookshelf
4. Hidden Room Under Stairs
5. Hidden Room In the closet