24 Indoor Plants Ideas For Fresh And Healthy Air In Your Home

Indoor plants for some people are very important and become one thing that can not be eliminated at home. Indoor plants in the room to make the house feel more alive, fresh and healthy. In this article, we will discuss some indoor ornamental plants that can provide ideas for home interior decoration to make it more beautiful and make you more love home.

Indoor Plants Ideas For Fresh And Healthy Homes
Indoor Plants Ideas For Fresh And Healthy Homes

Before deciding to grow indoor ornamental plants, you need to know how to care for them so that the ornamental plants do not die and wither. It is okay that the plants you plant in the form of live plants or just a plant or dead plants.

So here we will also provide tips on caring for indoor plants, and also some indoor plants that cool the air and eyes so you can always enjoy it every time.

1. Indoor Plant Garden Mum

The first indoor ornamental plants are garden mums. Based on NASA’s research that chrysanthemum plants are the best air-purifying plants and they have proven that chrysanthemum flowers can absorb ammonia, benzene, xylene from the air of the room they live in.

How to care for this plant should be planted outdoors until the flowers bloom, then after that can only be stored in the room so as not to wither. Of course, the ornamental plants in this room will be soothing when you look at it.

2. Chlorophytum Comosum indoor

The next indoor ornamental plant is This is a plant species that gets the nickname si-resistant to death. Yes as the name suggests, this plant will remain alive even if you do not take care of it and do not need direct sunlight, therefore very suitable as indoor ornamental plants.

This plant is also a good air filter plant. These spider plants can fight harmful substances in the air such as benzene, pharmaceuticals, carbon monoxide and xylene. This plant is safe for children or pets your animal.

3. Garden Wall indoor

Adorn the walls of the house with beautiful plants! Make the room look nice and cool when you look at it, we give some ideas to make the wall in your house becomes sweeter and far from the impression with plants suitable for your home.

4. Schefflera Plant Indoor

Schefflera ornamental plant is quite easy to recognize because the leaves are very shiny, oval-shaped and viscous. Even if viewed at a glance this plant like a fake plant / artificial. This umbrella plant is very durable and long-lived, therefore Schefflera widely used as indoor ornamental plants. In addition to eye-catching, this plant can also filter out toxins in the air well.

This umbrella plant is the best indoor ornamental plant because it can withstand cold well enough and endure with very little lighting. In summer you only need to water once a week, whereas in winter every two weeks once flush is enough. it is recommended in summer add liquid fertilizer to the recommended half-dose water, once every two weeks. easy to care for this indoor decorative plants?