24 Tips: Best Living Room Decorations With Beautiful Bookshelves Ideas

For those of you who have a hobby of reading a book, not an easy thing to go into the bookstore without buying a number of books that just published or best-selling books. Not a strange thing when you visit a friend’s home that is a very hobby to read and find tens or even hundreds of books scattered everywhere. Most of the books are usually arranged in bookshelves so it looks neater.

Tips on Decorating Your Living Room With Beautiful Bookshelves Ideas
Tips on Decorating Your Living Room With Beautiful Bookshelves Ideas

The usual bookshelves we see are usually square or rectangular and made of wood. Bookshelves like that look very boring and outdated. Currently, the bookcase design is no longer a boring square shape. In the hands of creative people, boring and outdated bookshelves can be transformed into unique and multifunctional bookshelves. In addition to being a place to store books, bookshelves with an innovative design can be used as a sweetener room to make the room look more attractive design. For those of you who like to read books, and want to buy a shelf to organize your favorite books, you would be confused choosing the bookshelf designs that currently exist in the market.

The thing to do before buying a bookcase is to measure the room where you will place the bookcase, for example, a bookcase will be placed in the living room. In addition to measuring the floor area, you should also measure the walls and ceiling height of the room. Make sure there is also enough room to walk between the bookshelves to make it easier to take your favorite book collection. By ensuring the size of the room, will prevent you from purchasing a bookcase that is too large or too small bookshelves, so it will make the room stay beautiful and neatly arranged.

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